Bus Renovation: Installing Bus Subfloor

Bus Renovation: Installing Bus Subfloor

Here we go again! Blog three of our bus build coming right up!

Last time we discussed the process of how we removed the seats and subfloor of our bus, and then prepped the floor tobegin our new subfloor build! Now it’s time to talk about putting in our new subfloor and putting our new home’sfoundation in!

Before beginning this step of the bus build double check and make sure all the holes have been sealed!! We don’t want any water creeping in! Now, make sure to get the following supplies:

  1. Liquid Nails
  2. 1×4’s (20)
  3. Saws: Circular/Jig Saw/ Table Saw
  4. Kreg Jig (This thing is freaking awesome!)
  5. Kreg Jig Screws
  6. Insulation Board
  7. 3/8 Inch Plywood (3)
  8. Drill
  9. 1 Inch Screws
  10. Utility Knife
  11. Right Angle

There are several ways of doing the subfloor. After discussing different options, we decided going against drilling additional holes in to the floor to secure the wood boards, and instead use liquid nails. If you’re going to be doing a bus build of your own go with the bundle of liquid nail. The more the merrier, you’ll use them up!

untitled image

We decided to use 1×4’s as our base grid to the plywood. On our first trip to Lowe’s we ended up buying about 15 of those bad boys (lumber is not cheap!). That ultimately wasn’t enough, and we ended up using almost 20 1×4’s for our bus floor area (12ftx 7.5ft).

When setting your grid, be as symmetric as possible!! I decided not to use a right angle and you can tell that the “squares” are not squares at all. This is going to save you time and brain energy when we put in the insulation board.

First, we needed to cut the perimeter lining of our bus floor. After that, we started gridding square sections into the middle area. Before using the liquid nails, make sure to use the Kreg Jig (If you want to screw your wood straight into the floor, you won’t need to bother with this). Using the Kreg Jig is super simple and helps give you a clean look on whatever you’re working on, hide your screws, and help you attach pieces of wood in almost any situation.

When you’re done using the Kreg Jig, put a good amount of liquid nails on to the boards to secure the bottom of the board to the floor. Once your 1×4’s are on the floor, come by with your drill and Kreg Jig attachment and screw all of your boards together! Before moving on to the next step, let your liquid nails dry for at least half a day.

The boards are now stuck to the floor and we can insert our insulation board. For our insulation board we went with 3/4” to run perfectly flush with our board. All you need is a utility knife and a right angle and you get down to business!

Would you look at that! Coming along nicely! Now all we have left to do is get our plywood cut and screw them into the base boards. In total, we only needed three plywood slabs. Just be careful to make the right cuts in this step!! For three pieces of plywood it cost us around $220!!!

After cutting your pieces and making sure they are snug together, start screwing away with those 1 inch screws baby! Again, we didn’t screw through the floor of the bus.

Here’s the final look at the subfloor!

We were super excited to get the subfloor done! Once the floor was done we added back one of the school bus seats and set sail towards South Carolina!

Next time… 1,000 mile road trip to South Carolina, the help from some friends, adding a sun roof, and more!

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