Vegan Sweet Potato Curry

We are officially eating whole food plant based with no oil and loving it. That being said, there is definitely a learning curve when it comes to cooking! It isn’t hard, just different! As we try different recipes we will share the ones here that were winners!

First up, vegan sweet potato curry!

Vegan Sweet Potato Curry


1 tbsp peeled & minced ginger (I did powder, but the real stuff would probably taste better)

2 cloves garlic minced

3 tbsp red curry paste (I went with Thai Kitchen)

2 medium sweet potatoes (peeled & cute into cubes)

1 can of chickpeas (15 ounce)

1 can full fat coconut milk (13-14 ounce)

1/2 cup water

1 tsp salt

1/4 tsp ground pepper

1 bag spinach (I prefer frozen, more nutrients)

Juice from 1 medium lime (about 2 tablespoons) (I used grapefruit juice because I’m allergic to lime/lemons)

Cooked rice for serving (we went with brown rice)

Pro Tip: prepare all of your ingredients FIRST, it makes cooking so much eaaier! I love to use these little cups from Co-Op Market to make it look like I’m the next contestant for Top Chef.


  1. Pour a little bit of your coconut milk into your pan as your “oil”, once that has heated up a LITTLE add in your garlic & then your ginger. Once that is smelling fragrant (about a min) add in your curry paste mix that all together for another minute.
  2. Add in the sweet potatoes, chickpeas, coconut milk (yes, whole can), water, salt and pepper. Stir those all up together & get excited. Once the mixture begins to simmer you’re going to put a lid on it for about 15 minutes.
  3. Once your sweet potatoes are soft it is time to add in the bag of spinach! I didn’t time this, but it doesn’t take long to get warm & be ready to go.
  4. Remove the heat, add your citrus juice!


I do like my food to be spicier so next time I may add chili powder, paprika or maybe just some more curry powder. Let me know if you try this recipe I would LOVE to hear what you think!

Happy Feasting!

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