Quick Buddha Bowl

Zen Buddha figurine

The great thing about most of our meals is the fact that they are easy & don’t take too many ingredients! Whenever I want to try a new recipe, I always felt like I had to go out and buy so many things!

This is one of our favorites to make & we recently added the addition of an oven to our grill set up & now we get to whip it up whenever we want!




Red Bell Peppers (or any you have on hand)

Sweet Potato

Chili Powder

Nutritional Yeast




Canned Coconut Milk



1. Peel & cut your sweet potatoes & chop up your red bell peppers

2. Set the oven to 425 F

3. Put them in a bowl & then pour about 2tbsp of canned coconut milk until they are evenly coated

4. Now you are going to give a few shakes of the chili powder, salt & turmeric! I like to just do it until it is evenly coated but if you don’t like spicy, don’t do too much chili powder!

5. Drain your garbanzo beans, put them in bowl and coat them with nutritional yeast, salt and paprika

6. Once your oven is preheated, place your pan into the oven & cook until the potatoes are mushy! (about 45 minutes)

7. While the sheet pan is cooking, start up your white rice!

There you have it! An easy, delicious Buddha Bowl! We like to add avocado, sriracha & honey to the top!

Our favorite spices come from Co-Op Market, you can get them and more for 25% off your whole order with code TGR25 ! It is also free shipping on orders over $39! I ran out of my Frontier Co-Op garlic powder and had to buy one from a grocery store and I really can tell the difference. It doesn’t pack as much of a flavorful punch!

Happy feasting!

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