3 Colorado Trail Towns That Won’t Disappoint

Hiking the Colorado Trail would not be the same experience had there not been all of the Colorado trail towns you get to stop at along the way! Going into town was a must at certain points for re-supplying purposes, but we eventually loved going into the towns so much that we did it every chance we got! We’ve spent a lot of time in Colorado and hiking the trail is by far the best way to experience the state and see all of its little hidden gems.

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  • Leadville Laundry
  • Twin Lakes
  • Leadville Homes

From food choices to lodging, and everything in between, we had some favorite stops along the way! Whether you’re deciding to hike the trail or you just want to visit Colorado, make sure you don’t miss these spots! If you do plan on doing the Colorado Trail do yourself a favor and hitchhike into every town that you can!

Leadville, Colorado

The town is now a hustling and bustling spot for tourists to come and experience a variety of food, ghost mine tours, and of course some of the freshest mountain air out there.

We spent a day and a half here while we took an off day to relax. After walking around the town and talking with a few of the locals from the area, we’ve got a few places you won’t want to miss when you plan your visit to Leadville .

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Without a doubt this place is the main reason Leadville is at the top of our list for the best towns on the Colorado Trail. For vegans, or anyone with a lot of dietary restrictions, this place will make you feel as if you never had to give up delicious food in the first place.

They carry a large variety of options, perhaps more vegan options than at a big city vegan restaurant, and they’ll make sure to find something delicious for you no matter your food allergies.

If you click “Golden Burro” above it will take you take you to their entire menu list!

WARNING by clicking the link above it will make you very very very hungry and your mouth most certainly will start salivating. In the pictures above, Grace and I tried the BBQ Jackfruit sandwich along with vegan styled Crispy Chicken sandwich.

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We first saw these jackets on someone down in Central Texas. When we asked where he got it, the man responded that they are only sold in Leadville, Colorado, and that in order to get one you had to book an appointment well in advance to get into the store. They don’t sell their jackets online, so if you don’t go into the store, you don’t get a jacket. You can sometimes score one on Poshmark if you’re lucky!

Melanzana store.

During our hike we didn’t expect to go through Leadville so we hadn’t booked a reservation. As soon as we made it into Leadville, we continuously refreshed the Melanzana sign up page to see if any openings would open up. These guys book up quick, we had no chance! If you don’t reserve a spot well in advance, don’t plan on getting in!

We don’t have any photos of the jackets, but if you’re looking for a one of a kind custom made mountain jacket for climbing, hiking, or just hanging out, book a reservation spot TODAY! We will be booking an appointment next time we go to Colorado!

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Several people told us to check out The Silver Llama for some good breakfast and coffee. They offered what you would expect for breakfast spot, and if you don’t have to sit outside with your dog like us, they have a top of the line indoor area! This place looked like a great spot to grab a coffee and a donut while you get some work done on the inside!

There weren’t a ton of gluten free options here, but they did have some bomb breakfast potatoes! Warning: they did dose it in butter.

We never did get the chance to come here, closed Mondays & Tuesdays, but we heard a lot of great things and will be coming here next time we’re are in town.

The coffee shop is apparently ran by thru-hikers who knew nothing about coffee before buying the store, and now make some of the best coffee in Leadville. They created the shop as a place for people to come and talk with hopes of building a community within the community.

Last but not least, High Mountain Pizza is a great spot for anyone looking for a gluten-free pizza or a vegetarian baguette sub. We came here for our last meal before getting back on the trail and boy oh boy it did not disappoint.

I honestly thought this was a Vegan Baguette, but they must use egg in their flour. Regardless, another bomb.com food choice.

They have a big selection of seating from indoors to outdoors and they have a big backyard patio area with a ton of dog friendly seating options.

Breckenridge, CO

A popular skiing destination, and perhaps one of the pricier stops, Breckenridge has by far the most food, drink, and lodging options of The Colorado Trail. While prices do tend to be a bit above average (touristy), with all of the options and an incredible mountain back drop, Breckenridge is easily in our top 3 for Colorado Trail Towns to stop by.

Colorado trail towns
Quick photo before catching a free bus ride (dog friendly) into town!

With plenty to do and see, Breckenridge will not let you leave unhappy! Also, did you know there’s a free public transport that is dog friendly and will take you pretty much anywhere you want to go in town? It will also take you to other nearby towns like Frisco, Dillon, and Copper Mountain.

We spent a solid two days in Breckenridge as we rested our bodies from the trail, and we will definitely be coming back next time we go to Colorado!

If you are vegan and you’ve been craving a good pizza, look no more! Truth be told, we almost drove out of our way, on our drive back to Denver after finishing the trail, just to get some more of it! This might be the best vegan pizza you’ll ever get your hands on, and if you’re not vegan, it might make you think about eating a little less meat!

Piante Pizza in Breckenridge, Colorado.
Stumbled up our Luvin Arms Family as we picked up our Pizzas! Luvin Arms is an animal sanctuary out of Erie, CO who we helped raise funds and awareness for during the trail!

Piante Pizzeria is completely vegan and they whip up some of the best tasting pizza, vegan or not, that we have ever tasted! Also, even if you have a list of food allergies that you’re dealing with, they’ll make sure to find you a pizza that you can eat!

Buffalo Solider pizza.
Grace tried out the Buffalo Solider (above) and I tried out the mushroom styled DMT. Can’t go wrong with either!

The Breckenridge Gondola was something everyone kept telling us to do but we just didn’t have the time. It is located within a couple minute walk from downtown and the best part about it is it’s free! Make sure to reserve your time slot before going, and enjoy the 13 minute ride up the mountain!

Take an hour or two to checkout Downstairs at Eric’s and grab a drink, a bite to eat, and maybe even play a few of games at their arcade! This is a cool spot to kick it with some friends and enjoy some good music.

Downstairs at Erics.
Grabbing a few beers with our friends Hugs and Andrew, who were also hiking the trail.
Gluten Free beer in Colorado.
It’s not easy finding gluten free beer! Holidaily Brewing CO. out of Golden, CO makes some good ones!

The food was delicious, and they even offer a couple of gluten free options! Andrew, pictured in the green above, told us about this place, and it will now be a tradition to stop by for a beer anytime we’re in town!

It’s hard to find those places that are all around great! With a top notch staff, dog friendly outdoor seating, fantastic food, and a great drink selection, Kenosha Brewing was one of those all around great places!

As we arrived and waited for a table, it began raining and we went up by the main building to seek some cover. Although we were clogging up a main walkway with us and our dogs, the staff was very friendly and happy and even gave all the dogs whipped cream!

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Silverton, CO

Silverton, Colorado old town square

The train is a very popular option if you choose to visit the city one day, and will take you to and from Durango. You can even catch the train directly off the Colorado Trail for a ride into town if you’re into taking short cuts ;).

Silverton takes you back in time and makes you imagine what it must have been like living at the foot of the San Juan Mountains during the Gold Rush.

Avalanche Brewing is a nice place to grab a few beers and people watch from the patio. They have a variety of gluten reduced beers, and if you’re in the mood for a quick bite they’ve got some good taco options!

Avalanche Brewing Company
Enjoying a cold beverage in the rain.

Calling all coffee lovers!!! Coffee Bear is one of the best spots in town if you’re craving an original and high quality coffee. We grabbed a quick coffee and some food here before heading out of town.

Not only do they have great coffee, they have a handful of food options and we were able to grab a veggie bowl and a veggie burrito to go. If you’re traveling without a pet, make sure to take some time inside! They have a great indoor seating area with a lot of character!

BBQ in the building! Thee Pitts Again is the food spot nobody misses while their in Silverton, even Guy Fieri has been here! Thee Pitts Again has some damn good food, and if you’re not into eating meat they even have a vegan sloppy joe as well!

Guy Fieri bbq.

We definitely would like to see this place come up with some more gluten free options, but overall it was reasonably priced and a good spot for a cold beverage and a bbq plate.

There’s a variety of lodging options in Silverton, but if you’re traveling with a dog you will be limited on where you can stay. We weren’t originally planning on staying in town, but with it being our last town on the hike before Durango we decided to splurge a little bit!

Kendall Mountain Lodge.

Prices for rooms vary, but if you book direct instead of through a 3rd party (like we did) they’ll get you a nice 15% discount. If you plan to visit Silverton in the summer, then plan on prices being higher than usual. Planning on visiting in September or October? You might be able to snag a room for a pretty reasonable price!

There were plenty of other great stops along the way, but these three take the cake!

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