Our journey began when we both met each other for the first time at our best friends wedding. Grace was the maid of honor and I was the best man. We both were dating other people but we knew we were meant for each other. After flying to Iowa to profess my love, we made our social media page with the mission of inspiring others to find love in the little things.

We moved to California to start our lives together and months later we sold nearly everything to walk across the country. In 2020 we Walked Across America and fell in love with the United States and the people that live here. There are so many amazing places and so many amazing people.

After completing our walk across the country we decided to buy a short bus and turn it into our home. We started Us & a Bus with the goal of spending at least 30 days in each of the 50 states while exploring hidden gems, meeting kind humans and most importantly helping out with local nonprofits in each state.

The winter time was brutal in the bus and after battling a phase of depression we decided to spend the winter time stationary to learn and grow our skills.

We hiked the Colorado Trail and were instantly reminded of how much we loved walking. Once we completed the trail we had our wedding in Wyoming and moved to Delaware to prepare for yet another walk across this beautiful country.

We believe social media should be used to spread positivity, create change and make an impact. We are so excited to take you along for the ride!