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7 Road Trip Apps That Make Life Easier

Road Trips can go one of two ways. They’re either easy and a breeze or they’re filled with bumps in the road that make you ready to call your trip quits early. After living full time on the road for the past two years, we’ve learned a few things that might help make your next […]

One Pot Meal: Wild Rice Pilaf

I didn’t even mean for it to happen but this is the PERFECT fall meal. It is so delicious. I tweaked the recipe a bit that I found online and I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. Since I’m writing this post, you probably can guess, it turned out great. Supplies Needed: […]

7 Tips for Hiking with a Dog

Disclosure: By clicking the links in this blog you get some great stuff that will help your dog and we get a little kick back so we can feed ours. All opinions are our own. If you’re a good pet owner, you probably ask yourself a lot of questions before embarking out on a new […]

3 Best Colorado Trail Towns

Hiking the Colorado Trail would not be the same experience had there not been all of the towns you get to stop at along the way! Going into town was a must at certain points for re-supplying purposes, but we eventually loved going into the towns so much that we did every chance we got! […]

Nooch Sushi

I don’t know about you, but sushi with fish is NOT my thing. I have been told that if it doesn’t have fish then it isn’t sushi. I disagree. I come to you with my new favorite crunchy snack and guess what – it’s sushi! Ingredients: Sushi Rice Shredded Red Cabbage Strips (1 cup) 2 […]

Best Pad Thai: Eliot’s Nut Butter

You have not had peanut butter until you have tried Eliot’s Nut Butters from Co-op Market! One of our favorites is the Espresso Nib Peanut Butter, we like to put it in our smoothies & oatmeal! Today though we are going to be making a Pad Thai meal with the delicious Eliot’s Spicy Thai Nut […]

Brussel Sprout Cranberry Sheet Pan Meal

Depending on how you feel about brussel sprouts you are either super excited about this meal or you are on the edge. I’ll tell you right now, you should be excited! The easiest meals are sheet pan meals and they are always so delicious! Ingredients: Tofu (the firmest you can buy it) Brussel Sprouts Canned […]

Mexican Quinoa Bowl

Quick 30 minute meal! We recently added this into our mix of meals & it has quickly become a favorite. We cook this for two people & it gives us leftovers! Ingredients: 2 cup quinoa 4 cups water (I am told vegetable broth tastes good in place of H2o, haven’t tried yet!) 2 cups bell […]

BBQ Cauliflower Pizza (Gluten, Dairy, Nut Free!)

The number one thing that I miss most ever since finding out all of my allergies is Pizza, I am always craving pizza and having to emit dairy really makes things hard. So I have decided to go on a mission – find the best vegan pizzas! First up: Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza Ingredients Needed: 1/2 […]

Quick Buddha Bowl

The great thing about most of our meals is the fact that they are easy & don’t take too many ingredients! Whenever I want to try a new recipe, I always felt like I had to go out and buy so many things! This is one of our favorites to make & we recently added […]


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