Holiday Gift Guide for Outdoor Lovers

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Christmas is right around the corner and that means that Santa is coming!!!

With how much time we spend outside we are always asked what our favorite outdoor gear is. We’ve tried out a lot of gear and these were the ones that made the cut for our favorite outdoor gear to checkout during your holiday shopping.

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Darn Tough Socks

With how much walking we do one of our most asked questions is what kind of socks we where. Before our walk across the US we knew we needed to find the best sock option out there. We knew that wool products were good for absorbing sweat and being a durable material so we started looking for wool socks.

Without a question, Darn Tough is the best sock option out there! They have a ton of different colors and designs, different sock styles for every occasion, and they even have a lifetime warranty!

For running, working out or hiking in the summer checkout the Hiker Quarter Cushion Sock, Light Hiker Crew Micro Sock, or the Light Hiker No Show sock.

For winter walks or cold weather hiking our go to sock is the Micro Crew style. One of Grace’s favorite pairs is the Bear Town Micro Crew Sock!

Rumpl Stash Mat

Whether we’re going on a picnic, to the beach, on a camping trip, or just hanging out in the backyard, the Rumpl Stash Mat is our favorite go-to ground mat.

We’ve tried out a lot of different options for ground mats over the years but when it comes to packability, being easy to clean, and keeping our booties dry from the wet ground, we haven’t found a better option than the Stash Mat.

Nemo Stargazer

Let’s talk camping chairs! We all can picture the classic camping chair you can find at Walmart or any other store. You know, the ones that are about $15 or $20 that everyone takes to their kids sporting events or BBQ?

We’ve got nothing against those, but if you’re looking for MAXIMUM comfort and something that everyone will be asking you where you got it, you need to get the Nemo Stargazer!

It’s a little more on the expensive side, but if you or the person you’re buying it for loves to spend time outside, either camping, barbecuing or at their kids sporting events, definitely consider this chair!

We’ve had our Nemo Stargazer for over a year now and recommend it to everyone we know.

Aquaquest Backpack

This our ultimate adventure and everything backpack! We first got this backpack for short hikes and day trips because it’s waterproof, but now we use it for everything! It’s 30L so there’s plenty of room to put your groceries in it, if you ride your bike to the store, or your laptop and notebooks if you’re headed to the library for the day.

Our favorite features of the Aquaquest Cloudbreak backpack include: waterproof, large capacity (30L), waist and chest straps, side pockets for your water bottles, and exterior loops to hook on extra equipment.

Smartwool Underwear

If you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for your husband or son, look no further! Underwear is always a great gift, but if you haven’t heard of Smartwool Underwear then you just hit the jackpot!

Smartwool Underwear is all I wear now, and because they are made out of wool they absorb sweat and smells much better than other underwear. Orignally I bought them for outdoor activities like hiking and running, but now they are the only underwear I own!

Rumpl Blanket

We love blankets! They are all over our house, but we never had the perfect one for taking outside until we found the Rumpl Blanket! It’s compact so you can put in or on the outside of your backpack, colorful with all different styles, and even has a clip so you can wear it hands free as a cape!

Note: This blanket is not fire resistant so you could get some holes in it. But they now have a fire resistant version if you’re interested (limited edition fire proof blanket)


Teva is one of those brands that we always trust and know what we’re getting. While we haven’t tried all of their shoes, we can attest the Teva Orginal Sandal and the Teva Slip-Ons are a must!

When it’s warm outside you always need a good pair of sandals and when it’s cold outside you always need a good pair of slippers!

It’s an added bonus with how colorful the Teva brand is!


A tool we got for heating up water for our ramen and coffee, is now something we believe everyone should own! The Jetboil comes in all different styles and is a super quick and convenient way to heat up water.

Jet Boil

We have owned our Jet Boil for three years now and it’s always with us anytime we are in our bus or heading out to the woods. This is a great gift for anyone looking to get into backpacking or even just someone who is looking for a quick way to heat up water!

Have someone who is looking to add to their survival bag? The Jet Boil would make the perfect addition!

Solo Stove

This company is “Fire” and a great gift option for literally anyone and everyone. We personally have the Ranger Stove and the Lite which are great for throwing in the back of your vehicle and taking with you wherever you go. Solo Stove has all kinds of styles depending on your preferences.

They also have a ton of other attachments so you can turn your fire pit into your kitchen! Checkout this Griddle top, Pizza top, and Cast Iron!

Solo Stove is always coming out with new equipment, so make sure to click the picture below to see all they have to offer!

Hoka Challenger ATR 6 GTX

BEST shoe of all time! After walking across the US, there’s no convincing us otherwise! These Hoka Challenger ATR 6 GTX (Men) are always on our mind and if your looking to gift someone the perfect walking, running, or hiking shoe, these are the ticket!

The Hoka Challengers (Women) are waterproof and with GORE-TEX bottoms you’ll never slip on wet surfaces. They are super comfortable and their cushioned bottoms make it feel like you’re walking on clouds!

Eureka Grill

Living in our bus full time without an indoor kitchen means that we always have to cook outside. We’ve tried several different grills and after finding out what works for us we decided to get a Eureka Grill!

This is a great gift option for anyone who is looking to start camping a bit more this upcoming year or who may be looking for an easy way to cook outside. It’s small so it’s easy to put in your vehicle, has two burners so you can cook two things at once, and has wind shields on all sides to help protect the flame from wind.

The Eureka is very similar to some of the Coleman camp setups you might see, but after using both, we noticed the Eureka is just a bit higher quality and has much more flame control.


Looking for the perfect all around boot? We are talking about a boot that’s not only comfortable, but one that you can wear literally anytime and anywhere!

Blundstones are waterproof, made of durable leather, and can be worn to church, on a date night, and even for a hike in the mountains. They are unisex and come in all sorts of colors and designs.

(They are made in Australia and run small so go up a size!)

LL Bean Anorak Jacket

The LL Bean Anorak is probably our favorite piece of clothing we own right now. Not only are they super high quality material, they are colorful and even pack up into their own pocket. These jackets are great as a light layer and are the perfect adventure jackets.

KEEN Hiking Boots

Our favorite long distance walking shoes are the Hoka Challenger ATR 6 GTX but when it comes to hiking in the mountains we really like the Keen Ridge Flex Waterproof Hiking Boot (Men).

With us being a bit clumsy, the extra ankle support really made a difference for us. The bottoms of the KEEN Boots are also much more suitable for rocky terrains and will hold up longer in the mountains.

The KEEN Ridge Flex Waterproof Hiking Boot (Women) are water proof and have an awesome ankle flex feature which gives you even more ankle support while still allowing your foot to feel free in the boot.

We hope that this gift guide will help you with your holiday shopping! Make sure to also checkout our Amazon Store Front for more gift ideas and for possibly cheaper prices than in the links above!

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