Walk Across America Pt. 2 | East Coast Greenway

walk across america

Why Walk?

Our Mission

Along with completing the East Coast Greenway from start to finish (3,000 miles), our main goals with this walk are to raise over $100,000 for the nonprofit Elevate Youth, encourage you and your communities to get outside and walk, and share the whole adventure with everyone at home through our social media platforms.

We hope to inspire you to travel, explore, and find love in the little things along the way.

Why Elevate Youth?

Surrounding ourselves with great people and getting outside are two of the biggest factors to our overall wellbeing. We know that not everyone is given the opportunity to experience and learn from getting outside which led us to finding a nonprofit that helps inner city kids get out there and learn from the outdoors! It’s something a lot of us take for granted but it’s so important and impactful on a child’s life.

Like many other great Nonprofits, Elevate Youth is making a real change in their community. It takes a village to make a difference and we need all the help we can get to give more kids the opportunity to get outside and learn about themselves and about life.

We need YOU to help us reach our goal of raising over $100,000 for Elevate Youth so we can give more kids the chance to better themselves and empower them through great mentors and the great outdoors.


Meet The Dream Team


About our route

The East Coast Greenway is an almost 3,000 mile long route that goes from Calais, Maine down to the southern most tip of the US in Key West, Florida.

In an attempt to connect people with places the East Coast Greenway is working on making the entire route accessible by bike path.

So far the route has nearly 1,000 miles of bike path and goes through a variety of larger metropolitan areas.

Click here to find out more about the East Coast Greenway! To find out if you live close to the route make sure to check out this awesome Map feature!

Follow From Home

Our mission with every adventure is to bring you along with us virtually! We know that not everyone can get out and go on adventures and we want to share ours with you! Hopefully we do such a good job it feels like you’re right there beside us! No matter what your preference is, we have a way for you to come along for the journey and stay up to date on our progress.

For updates in live time make sure to be following us on our Facebook and Instagram platforms. Here’s where we really share the whole adventure. If you like Tiktok’s platform we also post our main videos here but you may miss the moment to moment action. YouTube will be another focus for us and you can find long video format styled content here! If social media isn’t your thing, just make sure to leave us your name and email so you can stay up to date with our biweekly newsletter 🙂

Where Are We Now?

Want to see where we are and where we’ve walked so far? Checkout the map below! The points on the map may be delayed but we will do our best to keep the map updated so you can follow along! Once again make sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook for live day to day updates.

How To Support Us

While we highly encourage you to support Elevate Youth, we always have people ask how they can support us directly and contribute to helping us on the adventure. We appreciate all of the help so much and it really goes a long way.


Thanks for your support!

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We love you!

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How do we support Elevate Youth?

Elevate Youth is always in need of monetary donations, gear donations, and volunteers to help take their kids on awesome adventures! Checkout their website to see all the way you can help!

How can we support you and the dogs?

First off, Thank You! The best ways to support us and our walk are either through Venmo, CashApp, or by joining our Patreon. We appreciate you! All donations made to us will go towards food and hotel costs.

Where can we find your route?

The East Coast Greenway has done an awesome job of mapping out the entire route on their website! If you want to know exactly when we will be walking through a town near you make sure to follow along in real time on our instagram platform.

Why are the group walks so short?

On our last walk we always got nervous walking with people on main roads & highways. The East Coast Greenway isn’t fully completed so we planned our group walks between one and five miles longs on sections that are done.